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The Fourth Night of Insomnia

I am beset by cares and by my first holiday gift — a virus.  I’m embarking upon an advent calendar of chronic insomnia.  Each day I get to take out a little nougat of sleeplessness and roll it around in my mouth, see how it tastes.  I get to do this for hours, of course, the nature of the delectable morsel being what it is.

I have written posts in this blog that will appear automatically from the winter solstice to the spring equinox.  The last one, which I wrote tonight, is about the reasons that I haven’t been able to sleep properly the last several nights.  Or rather, about the qualities of people and discourse that hold me awake.

Not doubting the stars are fire, of course, but the future perfect will hopefully be imperfect by then, and thus we will attain perfection.

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