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Greetings from one Flawed Colony Organism to another

As one output of a billion year evolutionary process to another I would like to posit to you that we are all flawed organisms. None perfect, all reaching for perfection, all trapped by their own hopes and fears at the same time that they want to reach for the stars.

And I mean colony, each of us is the chaotic expression of a series of smaller organisms ranging from free-roamers like the mitochondria and gut bacteria, to the other captured cells of the body.

Not all our thoughts are conscious, most of us have limited control over our thoughts, dreams, and loves. Those that have full control are more boring than most.

Who are you? What do you want? What will you give up to get it? Are you the caterpillar changing into the butterfly? Are you changeless, only the slow decay of age taking place in your body? Are you the corpseflower that blossoms only to kill the things around them?

Can you love a person? Can you only love the representation of a person? Have you ever been in love with more than the flawed representation of a person through a glass darkly?

Can you dream of being more than yourself? What of yourself have you destroyed to become the person you are today? What can you give to another? What can you share?

How are we broken? Perhaps the best proof of an omniscient, loving God is the human eye. Perhaps the best disproof is the human knee. We are all shaped by our experiences, by our families and by our loves and hates and shadows and environment.

How are we repaired? How do we love?

Have you ever lain awake at night, listening to nothing than the internal sea within you? That salty expanse that marks your orgin as the great oceans that circle this world and still marks us with its dark internal tide. Does it burn?

As one to another I greet you.

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