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(Almost) Violence in the Streets.

Last night, while I was walking south along broadway, I saw a car coming across one of the intersections narrowly miss an older (50 or so) woman when it sped up and swerved to make a right hand turn around her in the crosswalk. she jumped back and yelled something relatively inoffensive at them.

the vehicle slammed on the brakes and then did a uturn on broadway, and a well-built guy in his early 20s got out and started yelling at the woman for what she said. He yelled a variety of racial and gender-based insults at her, and was threatening to hit her (both verbally and through violent guestures and posture.) She called the police and he moved halfway back across the street and started yelling at her continuing to threaten.

Since he had a friend also yelling at her, I went across the street to witness. Another person did as well, a local bookshop owner. I figured that standing there and not getting involved would cause them not to do anything other than threaten until the police came and then they would run away. Eventually, they went running off into the Washington Mutual parking lot having threatened her, bookstore owner (Jamie for those that know her) and virtually everyone else in Seattle.

These gentlemen in question were from South Seattle by the highschool bumperstickers on their car, not hill residents. It seems, though, that even by anecdote there’s been more violence of whatever sort on the hill recently. It makes me sad because generally I’m fond of this neighborhood and recently it seems to be getting both more gentrified and more dangerous, both of which are hostile to its unique character.

[edited to add: I talked with her afterwards, because I had descriptions of the guys and their car license plate/make/model and etc..., but she decided not to press charges. She was physically okay although upset and shaken. This was at the corner where Jai Thai is.  This was actually posted a week ago, but didn't appear right away for various reasons.]

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