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You’re doing it Wrong

Hank Olson – From early on, Hank Olson cracks jokes and insults the other competitors. He believes he has an edge over the other walkers, having been told by the Major to “Give ‘em hell.” However, Olson tires very early in the game, becoming a “hollow shell.” Despite his exhaustion, he continues to walk, seemingly oblivious to the world. Garraty compares Olson’s demeanor to that of the Flying Dutchman as he is manned even when “the entire crew is dead.” Stebbins refers to Olson as a demonstration of the power of the mind to control the body, because though mentally succumbed to fatigue, Olson can still walk. His fellow walkers can only watch in pity and foreboding. Surprisingly, Olson outlasts the majority of the walkers, finally admitting to Garraty that he “does not want to die.” A haggard mess, he at last attempts to climb the halftrack, and is shot several times by the soldiers. To the shock and awe of his fellow walkers, he continues to stand and walk. Eventually, his intestines begin to spill out of his stomach “like sausage” and he dies after lifting his hands to the sky and shouting “I DID IT WRONG!”

From the wikipedia article about The Long Walk by Stephen King:

“You’re doing it wrong” is a long-running injoke.

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