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Poly Ticks

[Originally a comment in someone else's blog, that i thought i'd make here.]

For me, the most important thing is [about Obama] that he has some credentials and that he’s a lecturer in constitutional law at one of the best law schools in the country. He can find people to help him with all the rest, but I think that someone who’s aware of the constitution and seems to actually care about it deeply is a better choice for us than the others, who are mostly game playing the scripts of their parties.

Whoever becomes president is going to have to deal with a failed economy and a country largely in hock to its deficit. That’s going to become largely incontrovertible, and it’s going to be easy to see in retrospect how the choices of the last several years made it happen. That’s a macro scale thing a large part of the remedy for is time and sane financial policy.

But what can be fixed are things like the corrosion of rights in the country, the politicization of the justice department, and all the other things that have gone wrong in this country in the last 8 years. For that, I think a candidate with two qualities is best — 1, they have to be in politics for something other than the sake of the game and 2, they actually have to care about constitutional rights.

As much as I like hilary clinton, and would have voted for her (or McCain, honestly, as he’s been my favorite of the current crop of republicans for some time), under other circumstances, I think that this is not their time. It’s time when we actually do need a law professor as president.

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