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earth shattering kaboom, puyallup

There was a house explosion in Puyallup today:

Pierce County Sheriff spokesman Ed Troyer said a couple called 911 after returning home Monday evening to find their 26-year-old roommate angry and handling explosives.

When deputies arrived at the house near the intersection of 160th Street and 70th Avenue East, the man ran upstairs with a duffle bag full of explosives and other bomb making materials. Troyer said the man began playing music loudly and deputies backed away from the house.

Within moments of the deputies’ exit around midnight, the top floor of the house exploded.

“He either accidentally or intentionally set the explosion off, which took the whole top floor off of the residence and engulfed the house in flames,” Troyer said.

One of the things about living in the PNW, is that in the winter people get crazy to levels completely inconceivable to the rest of the country.
Because of the omnipresent dark, things can get really grim here by march or so. Things are beginning to get more sane locally, but as this article reveals, a couple of people are still in extreme winter mode — it rained like all bloody hell yesterday.

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