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full speed on to WHAT PRAYTELL?

With 91 percent of the state’s precincts counted, Clinton led Obama 51 percent to 49 percent, with about 20,000 votes separating the two U.S. senators, CNN reported. Votes were reported late coming in from Lake County in northwestern Indiana near Chicago.
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Clinton’s earlier reported leads were largely based on the fact that Lake County took its sweet time to report polls, and it was a strong supporter of Obama, as prefigured. Clinton is continuing onwards and upwards. Clinton lost ground by about 8 delegates today and appears in no danger of actually catching up any time soon.

Before flying out of Indiana to Washington DC, as the networks were still agonizing over the rustbelt state, Clinton proclaimed victory there and said it was “full speed on to the White House.”

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Clinton appears to be pinning her hopes on using the DLC to beat the DNC into submission over the delegates that were ruled out due to election irregularities (and where she won because she ran unopposed.) The DLC is a subgroup of democrats, more conservative, that is pretty much backing her at this point, and has been ominously waving hands to spoil the election if she doesn’t get the ticket, by sponsoring lots of polls saying that Clinton voters wouldn’t vote for Obama.

The DLC is doing a lot of weird marketing crap, like marketing Chicago as the DLC Conversation rather than the Democratic Convention. It’s weird how their goal is to engineer a takeover of the party by near-threat rather than to attempt to win outright. The claim that this is to appeal to centrists, but mostly it just defies logic.

The biggest difference, which seems this time to have shot Clinton in the foot, is the 50 state strategy, which has democratic candidates trying to win in every state, rather than the DLC which aims to leverage victory by just winning a few small states outside of the democratic core.

Basically, to win the primary, Clinton is relying on people who will be voting for McCain in the general election. Because Clinton and McCain are relying on the same groups as their core woters — less educated, largely white counties, she’s got a bigger chance of being Kerry part II in the general election. Here’s a graphic from the New York Times that explains it: obama versus clinton.

Meanwhile, because Obama’s been competing in all 50 states, he’s got a lot more states that are far more securely locked down than Clinton, but that will be the subject of my next post. It appears that Clinton’s going to have to pull some sort of bullshit at the convention to win, and then is well-placed to lose the general election. joy.

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