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Category Archives: irony

conspicuous consumption

As if the iPhone on its own wasn’t enough of a consumer piece, how about the following application: Last week, an application turned the iPhone into a megaphone to proclaim: “I Am Rich.” That is the name of a downloadable program that promised to do nothing except signal to the world that its buyer was [...]

this is, of course, from a man who knows about getting drunk

George Bush seems determined to stay clever and relevant: US President George W Bush has explained the credit crunch savaging US financial markets by saying “Wall Street got drunk”. “It got drunk and now it’s got a hangover,” Mr Bush said at a private political fundraiser in Houston, Texas. Good that he’s going with what [...]

best youtube video ever

yeah. just like that.

Those who do not learn from history are doomed to look very, very stupid

Tongodeon points out the Air Force’s fetching new slogan: Someone has clearly not been paying attention to history, even military history. That’s a direct translation of Germany’s Über Alles, which I’m not going to even provide a google link to because it leads to all sorts of racist retardness that might get people who read [...]