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Category Archives: popped culture

the winner of the make john mccain exciting competition

Welcome to the modern era, prank video. This took something to the next level, and won a prize on the Colbert Show.

best youtube video ever

yeah. just like that.

Nichomachean Ethics

Who do you know who uses effectively this as their guide to human nature? It’s from Book X of the Nichomachean Ethics by Aristotle. Now some think that we are made good by nature, others by habituation, others by teaching. Nature’s part evidently does not depend on us, but as a result of some divine [...]

Dissolving the Magic Circle of Play: Lessons from Situationist Gaming

There was an interesting post on the nettime list the other day, which I thought I’d include some excerpts from and a link to here, In recent years, commentators on game culture and ludology have undertaken the task of analyzing and structuring play. Such work has been strongly influenced by the Dutch researcher Johan Huizinga’s [...]

Those who do not learn from history are doomed to look very, very stupid

Tongodeon points out the Air Force’s fetching new slogan: Someone has clearly not been paying attention to history, even military history. That’s a direct translation of Germany’s Über Alles, which I’m not going to even provide a google link to because it leads to all sorts of racist retardness that might get people who read [...]