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Monthly Archives: November 2007


There actually is a border town. It isn’t just a sign I made. It’s between California and Nevada on US395. It really looks like a ‘bordertown’ as conventionally represented in fiction. It makes me want to drink cheap tequila and shiv a guy in a sleazy bar.  Conveniently, they’ve only got one bar in town [...]

Programming Metaphor

class = THE IDEA OF A DONUT object = A SPECIFIC DONUT class factory = MINIMUM WAGE EMPLOYEE WITH HEPATITIS C @ DUNKIN DONUTS (we write the programming documentation that makes things better, then worse.)

pepper (butthole surfers v. sylvia plath remix) Hope was the thing with feathers. How she hates us. Lady Lazarus only 30, unwrapped in hand and foot. Tulip was too excitable, the winter came she froze. Misty walked out into the sun, the air was a mill of hooks. Luna has a face in her own [...]

We do chicken, right?

A friend came over last night to watch a movie, and brought Kentucky Fried Chicken. I didn’t want any, so after the movie, I stripped the chicken off the bone and put it in the cat’s bowl, because the cat was hungry. The cat sniffed at it a couple of times, pawed it, and then [...]

in theory, love is a clockwork device.

Dark indeed it was, the beating heart pumping black fluid through the hard, ticking device. Silicon, flesh and steel it was and the fluid that ran through it gurgled like a cry of desperate, longing pain. But it loved, oh yes, it loved. The god cupid striding forward broken of steel and sand crumbles and [...]

things i say…

‘enh, get a white paper’ means ‘i have no idea, do something that won’t get you fired.  all else is transitory.’

Bad Luck and Too Much Wine, The Odyssey Book 11

“Then, when we had got down to the sea shore we drew our ship into the water and got her mast and sails into her; we also put the sheep on board and took our places, weeping and in great distress of mind. Circe, that great and cunning goddess, sent us a fair wind that [...]


Since this is, after all, my blog, I thought I’d go in for a little more navel gazing. One of the things that I decided to do many years ago was to commit to the things that I’m doing, and commit to the full experience of them. I’ve found that, strangely, I have more time [...]

Phone Triage

When I was calling a customer service phone tree today, I got the following sequence of instructions in the after-service survey. “When answering these questions, please only consider the last customer service agent you spoke to. Do not consider previous agents when answering the questions. If you spoke to more than one agent, press 2. [...]

Raisins d’etre (A Healthy Relationship with Food)

A lot of problems with America today is due to people not having healthy relationships with food. I think if people had a more healthy relationship with food, a lot of the needs for diets and whatever would be obviated. I’m currently rebuilding my spectacularly bad relationship with food — for many years eating food [...]


A while ago, a friend of mine from college told me that there were three basic rules to economics: People Are Stupid. People Are Evil. Where The Lines Meet. I’m not really into consumer products in three particular ways. First, I’m not really interested in most of pop culture. Second, I value experiences and objects [...]

fish tank

two fish are sitting in a tank.  one turns to the other and says, ‘hey, do you know how to drive this thing?’

I never thought that the day would come, that my life would depend on the morning sun

This is how I feel a lot of days these days. I feel so extraordinary Somethings got a hold on me I get this feeling Im in motion A sudden sense of liberty I dont care cause Im not there And I dont care if Im here tomorrow Again and again Ive taken too much [...]

Happiness Rules

The one trivial rule i’ve found in life that brings me the most happiness is that if a person is stupid, annoying, or a waste of my time, I only read email from them between 9am and 5pm as available unless i have a clear, urgent reason to do so. This works really well towards [...]

Welcome, addenda

The benefit to getting over a long illness is that it’s easier to be the person you always wanted to be. That is both my blessing and my curse, I suspect, that I am now free to get on with the things I dreamed of. Another way to put this is:  “You met me at [...]