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Monthly Archives: December 2007

Out of the past….

Articles from the Anarchist’s Cookbook are now showing up on lists of things that spyware and virus protection software detects, as something that people who write these sorts of programs might want to store on your computer once it’s been hacked. This book, favorite prized possession of disenfranchise high school students,  was written in 1970 [...]

brief candle

“…when we finally know we are dying, and all other sentient beings are dying with us, we start to have a burning, almost heartbreaking sense of the fragility and preciousness of each moment and each being, and from this can grow a deep, clear, limitless compassion for all beings.” — sogyal rinpoche Last night, I [...]

Sakharov’s Nobel Address

Today. Thousands of years ago tribes of human beings suffered great privations in the struggle to survive. In this struggle it was important not only to be able to handle a club, but also to possess the ability to think reasonably, to take care of the knowledge and experience garnered by the tribe, and to [...]

things i learned today.

enthusiasm can come from honesty as well as sucking. willingness to beat a dead horse doesn’t always constitute art. Also, it’s not that we really care if people are who they say they are, it’s more that at midnight, all the masks of the party guests come off anyway, and it’s considered polite to be [...]

The Fourth Night of Insomnia

I am beset by cares and by my first holiday gift — a virus.  I’m embarking upon an advent calendar of chronic insomnia.  Each day I get to take out a little nougat of sleeplessness and roll it around in my mouth, see how it tastes.  I get to do this for hours, of course, [...]