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Monthly Archives: March 2008

Those who do not learn from history are doomed to look very, very stupid

Culture: Chuck Norris only Weapon of Mass Destruction in Iraq

I think this is an interesting vision of how cultural diffusion starts.  Years from now, after America has (hopefully) left Iraq, the image of Chuck Norris as a heroic/cultural figure will still remain.  As well as the raw amount of Awesome that contains, it’s also an interesting way of seeing culture develop in action. Another [...]

big government as a side effect of conservatism/libertarianism

I was reading an interesting article the other day on Subsidiarity, which was an economic theory put forward by Pope Pius XI in Quadragesimo Anno, that argues that going too far towards either Libertarianism or Socialism leads inevitably to the nanny state. My argument is that our (and England’s) swing towards libertarian/laissez-faire capitalism in the [...]

From the Sandman

A King will forsake his kingdom; live and death will clash and fray; the oldest battle begins once more. From the beginning of The Kindly Ones, by Neil Gaiman.

The Anglican Church gets it Right

Give up some of your carbon consumption for lent.

Poly Ticks

[Originally a comment in someone else's blog, that i thought i'd make here.] For me, the most important thing is [about Obama] that he has some credentials and that he’s a lecturer in constitutional law at one of the best law schools in the country. He can find people to help him with all the [...]

E. Gary Gygax Memorial Haiku

the pen’s final stroke, stories and dice cast away: unkept borderlands

You’re doing it Wrong

Hank Olson – From early on, Hank Olson cracks jokes and insults the other competitors. He believes he has an edge over the other walkers, having been told by the Major to “Give ‘em hell.” However, Olson tires very early in the game, becoming a “hollow shell.” Despite his exhaustion, he continues to walk, seemingly [...]

(Almost) Violence in the Streets.

Last night, while I was walking south along broadway, I saw a car coming across one of the intersections narrowly miss an older (50 or so) woman when it sped up and swerved to make a right hand turn around her in the crosswalk. she jumped back and yelled something relatively inoffensive at them. the [...]