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Monthly Archives: May 2008

The Get Out Clause, Manchester stars of CCTV

Rocking the Panopticon, they perform in front of CCTV cameras and then request the video under the British version of the FOIA Unable to afford a proper camera crew and equipment, The Get Out Clause, an unsigned band from the city, decided to make use of the cameras seen all over British streets. With an [...]

i would say ‘oh snap’ if it didn’t make me want to weep

I would laugh if it wasn’t so sad and true: The U.S. Army’s internal “debate” that NPR reports presents two competing philosophies. In old-fashioned, conventional war, the military conducts all-out conflict to destroy an enemy nation. To that end, it conducts airstrikes against population centers. In 21st-century counterinsurgencies, the military conducts wars of liberation to [...]

your own personal adsense

having ‘jesus’ in the title of my blog gets me a lot of curious adsense ads.

Dresden Dolls, “Sing”

Sing from the Dresden Dolls. Sometimes, as they say, you’ve got to try to find out whether you’re any good or not. Ran into this in the context of encouraging friends to do karaoke, but in general a good approach to things. I’ve been very impressed with general level of awesomeness the dresden dolls. This [...]

goldman sachs predicts $200/barrel oil

From MSNBC, which has more details…. NEW YORK – A Goldman Sachs analyst on Tuesday predicted that oil prices could reach $150 to $200 a barrel over the next 6 months to two years, but said that how far prices could climb still “remains a major uncertainty.” “We believe the current energy crisis may be [...]

full speed on to WHAT PRAYTELL?

With 91 percent of the state’s precincts counted, Clinton led Obama 51 percent to 49 percent, with about 20,000 votes separating the two U.S. senators, CNN reported. Votes were reported late coming in from Lake County in northwestern Indiana near Chicago. from this article @ UPI Clinton’s earlier reported leads were largely based on the [...]

knowing the laws

This was on the Patras blog, about Oregon claiming copyright over its laws. It’s mostly interesting to me as a reminiscence about stone tablets and the like. [I]t is a maxim of universal application that every man is presumed to know the law, and it would seem inherent that freedom of access to the laws, [...]

more bizarre behavior from clinton campaign…

The bizarre DC non-profit funded by Clinton backers that has caused random controversy by sending incorrect voting information out to votes in a number of states, is back again in North Carolina stirring up controversy and randomness… The call is deceptive because the deadline has already passed for mail-in registrations for North Carolina’s May 6 [...]

Nichomachean Ethics

Who do you know who uses effectively this as their guide to human nature? It’s from Book X of the Nichomachean Ethics by Aristotle. Now some think that we are made good by nature, others by habituation, others by teaching. Nature’s part evidently does not depend on us, but as a result of some divine [...]