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i would say ‘oh snap’ if it didn’t make me want to weep

I would laugh if it wasn’t so sad and true: The U.S. Army’s internal “debate” that NPR reports presents two competing philosophies. In old-fashioned, conventional war, the military conducts all-out conflict to destroy an enemy nation. To that end, it conducts airstrikes against population centers. In 21st-century counterinsurgencies, the military conducts wars of liberation to [...]

Al-Qaeda angry at 9/11 Conspiracy Theorists

Al-Qaeda’s deputy leader, Ayman al-Zawahiri, has blamed Iran for spreading the theory that Israel was behind the 11 September 2001 attacks. In an audio tape posted on the internet, Zawahiri insisted al-Qaeda had carried out the attacks on the US. He accused Iran, and its Hezbollah allies, of trying to discredit Osama Bin Laden’s network. [...]

Culture: Chuck Norris only Weapon of Mass Destruction in Iraq

I think this is an interesting vision of how cultural diffusion starts.  Years from now, after America has (hopefully) left Iraq, the image of Chuck Norris as a heroic/cultural figure will still remain.  As well as the raw amount of Awesome that contains, it’s also an interesting way of seeing culture develop in action. Another [...]