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Raisins d’etre (A Healthy Relationship with Food)

A lot of problems with America today is due to people not having healthy relationships with food. I think if people had a more healthy relationship with food, a lot of the needs for diets and whatever would be obviated. I’m currently rebuilding my spectacularly bad relationship with food — for many years eating food [...]


A while ago, a friend of mine from college told me that there were three basic rules to economics: People Are Stupid. People Are Evil. Where The Lines Meet. I’m not really into consumer products in three particular ways. First, I’m not really interested in most of pop culture. Second, I value experiences and objects [...]

Happiness Rules

The one trivial rule i’ve found in life that brings me the most happiness is that if a person is stupid, annoying, or a waste of my time, I only read email from them between 9am and 5pm as available unless i have a clear, urgent reason to do so. This works really well towards [...]